AI for intuitive audio search & curation.


Figaro helps your users to find the music they want quickly & intuitively by using machine learning on both the audio content & metadata.

No magic. Just great technology.


"Find me an ambient electronic track with a soft, mellow mood, that reminds me of summer and ends with a gentle, happy chord...and maybe has a cello" 

When your user is looking for a track, how do you help them translate what's in their head so that they can find a track they really want quickly and easily?

By using Deep Learning to create a link between the raw audio & the metadata, Figaro enables:

  • Use of one or more reference tracks for search
  • Creation of playlists or search results of similar tracks
  • Automatic creation of meaningful metadata based upon raw audio content, even for new tracks
  • Creation of new metadata based upon user search terms over time
  • Search tailored towards how users use language about audio
  • Customisation towards your metadata and its configuration, including hierarchies & taxonomies

Coming soon:

  • Images
  • Audio with speech
  • Video

If these features are important to you, let us know.

AI is for enabling creativity


Artificial intelligence can be used for lots of things. In the creative industry we believe that it should be used for enabling humans to do what they’re best at...being creative.

We do that by solving problems faced by creatives & automating the boring bits. With Figaro, we want to make it easy for your creatives to find the audio content they need, whether it is for a video soundtrack, advert, or for personal that they can spend their time on being creative.


Who we are

Figaro is a FeedForward solution.

With deep knowledge of current research and technologies, FeedForward are the bridge between businesses and the machine learning ecosystem.

Our founders' background is in the application of machine learning to music and our vision is to use AI to promote creativity.

We believe that a multi-disciplinary approach and diverse teams are required to find the most innovative and useful applications of AI. We are also dedicated to sharing knowledge of AI and the creativity that lies behind technological innovation. 


Do you have a database of audio files? Is your search currently based upon metadata / tags?

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Also happy to talk about anything AI. We're human.

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